Saying "Thank You" can leave a lasting impression

As we maintain physical distance, it is even more important that we remain socially connected to those we care about. In this time of digital everything, a greeting card can certainly make someone’s day! Whether it’s to wish a relative well, to pass your thoughts on to a friend who’s feeling ill, to say happy birthday, or to share gratitude with the everyday heroes working on the frontlines, we have some tips and inspiration about what to write in a coronavirus greeting card.

During these uncertain times, uplifting messages through coronavirus greeting cards can go a long way in letting someone know that you care. Sometimes, it takes an interruption to daily life to remind us how much we count on the dedication of teachers, the expertise of nurses and doctors, or the dependability of mail carriers, just to name a few. As the everyday heroes on the frontlines of this pandemic carry out their critical and often stressful work all year-round, our thanks can be, too.

  • Health care workers
  • Social workers
  • Grocery store workers
  • Retail employees
  • Restaurant staff
  • Truck drivers and delivery services
  • Postal workers
  • Firefighters and other first responders
  • Teachers
  • Housekeeping staff
  • Utility workers

Show your support to those ongoing, faithful acts of service happening around us and for us every day. If you are looking for words of gratitude to send to the essential workers who are keeping us safe, here are some messages of support to get you started writing a thank you note:

· Sending thanks and warm thoughts to all of you who are working through these challenging times.

- Thank you for giving your strength to so many.

- You are the true heroes and we appreciate you and your sacrifices more than words can say.

- To all those willing to sacrifice their own safety and well-being in this crisis, we are eternally grateful. We wish you safety and health as you forge ahead to get us to the other side of this pandemic.

- We are here for you. Thanks for being there for us.

- We are so grateful for your support.

- Thank you so much for what you are doing for our world.

- You are truly a hero. Thank you.

- You show us that we are all in this together.

- Thank you for your commitment and dedication. Thank you for your compassion, collaboration, and courage. Thank you for providing exceptional care and, perhaps, most importantly, thank you for giving us hope and bringing light during these times of uncertainty and fear.

- Every day you make a commitment to serve. Thank you.

- You are one of the best and the bravest.

- Your selfless service to the greater community is helping us all get through these tough times.

- Sending love, respect, and high praises to you ALL! Thank you for your loyal service. I salute you!

- Your tireless efforts are not going unnoticed. Thank you.

- You have my support and heartfelt appreciation for all you do.

- We are deeply grateful to you for all the sacrifices that you and your family are making.

- Your contributions are appreciated and we thank you in our prayers, hearts, and minds each and every day.

- Words are not enough to thank you for your strength, courage, and dedication.

- Thank you for being our rock stars, everyday heroes, and for answering this call of duty. We are beyond fortunate to have each and every one of you fighting this virus for us! We will be forever in your debt!

- Being on the frontline isn’t easy, but it is very much appreciated.

- You deserve our applause, our thanks, and our respect.

- Our community is better because you are a part of it.

- Just wanted to express our deep gratitude for the dedicated work you do day after day.

- For all you do—and for the kind, thoughtful way you do it—thank you.

- We could never take for granted the hard work you do. We see it, and we appreciate you.

- We depend on your strength and can never thank you enough.

As the world’s attention focuses on coronavirus, turn your attention to those close to you. A card not only offers that meaningful connection between two people, but it also becomes a tangible keepsake with messages of warmth that they can hold on to for years to come. Getting your kids involved in sending cards can help them focus on something positive during this uncertain time and set up lifelong habits of gratitude and connectivity. It’s also a great opportunity to practice their handwriting skills!